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AC Boise Project

Weight of Devastation

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3D Earth

An interactive piece at the exhibition

"How can we maintain composure when a knowing tragedy looms in the near future? Climate change is one of the greatest devastations on this planet. An abundance of creatures lose their lives daily; climate refugees are forced out of their homes due to climate fueled natural disasters; vital crops that are needed are perishing due to harsh soil conditions; and so many more consequences have been catastrophic to the species on this planet as a direct result of climate change. Earth is becoming toxic waste and whatever touches it is on the path to death, like the vines that are climbing Mother Nature and are meeting their fatal end as soon as they touch the globe. Due to the Earth’s slow and painful demise, Mother Nature gives it a look of inner sorrow, maintaining the appearance of being collected on the outside knowing the unbearable weight of devastation she is holding in her hands will eventually crush her. Although it may seem hopeless to remedy the repercussions that climate change has caused, Mother Nature can be a symbol of hope for many because there is so much we can do to help put a stop to it, we all need to do our part in order to save the creatures that inhabit our dying planet."

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