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Cans of Code Red

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3D Earth

An interactive piece at the exhibition

"This piece was made on mixed-media paper and was created using Prisma colored pencils, la Croix cans, and gorilla glue. The purpose of this piece is to capture the harms of pollution in the ocean and bring awareness to large corporations such as factories that create unsustainable materials that don’t break down or decompose easily. To show this, a Coca-Cola can is drawn showcasing that cans are made of aluminum. In addition, a broken la Croix can is glued on the outsides of the piece. The discarding or burning of these materials can release harmful toxins into the atmosphere that are overall detrimental to the air quality. Cans in the ocean can also create a danger to marine life and the coral reefs since they can disrupt food chains and be ingested by marine life. Moving to more reusable materials would be more preventable and would eliminate many of these problems and overall help with all life systems on Earth. Let cans of code-red and pollution be a non-idealistic example of how our Oceans should be."

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