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Drink up, Toss out

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3D Earth

An interactive piece at the exhibition

"Drink up, Toss out parallels our excessive consumption of single use items with our limited concern for environmental issues unless it is popular. Every time we get a drink, be it soda, smoothie, coffee, or juice, we drink it up, and toss out the single use container, never giving it a second thought as soon as it's literally out of our hands. We treat social issues in many of the same ways. For example, we cared about the Koala’s when the news story about Australia being on fire came out in January 2020, but as soon as it was out of the media, we stopped caring. Similarly, we reached a concern over plastic straws when a video went viral of a Sea Turtle with a straw stuck in its nose, but ignored the bigger issue of plastics in the ocean, including micro plastics, and the even greater concern of the fishing industry. And of course, we only care about Polar Bears when shown the depressing images of their skinny bodies lumbering across a melting landscape. Even still, our sympathies only extend to the cute, cuddly, or majestic species, turning our back to those like insects or bats, that society has told us are scary, creepy, and gross. Each creature is trapped within the perpetual doom of its disposable container, forcing the viewer to contemplate how temporary the lives of these species are."

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Lizzie Duke Moe

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Rebecca Shuldenfrei