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AC Boise Project

Ocean Debris

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3D Earth

An interactive piece at the exhibition

"There are 5.3 trillion pieces of plastic debris in our oceans that negatively affect everyone including the innocent aquatic life . Ocean-debris represents the natural vibrant beauty that is taken away by man made litter. I sculpted the base and once finished I added the different types of coral and texture to make it natural looking. I finished it by using vibrant acrylic paints to emphasize the the natural beauty that are oceans create, and then proceeded to litter different scraps of plastic,metal, and rubber. These pieces of garbage are placed precisely to catch the viewers unwanted attention, and create a sense of awareness with garbage and how it negatively affects everyone."

What we did
Lizzie Duke Moe

An Equalizer

Natalie Mason

Environment > Money

Rebecca Shuldenfrei