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AC Boise Project

Found Objects

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3D Earth

An interactive piece at the exhibition

"Working with found objects has always been a passion of mine. I see a lot of potential in objects many deem as trash. I love taking items out of their original context and turning them into something new with an entirely different meaning. This piece was created out of found objects, up-cycled materials, and paper scraps. My awareness of environmental protection has grown, and I now solely use accessible and natural materials. There is also an additional aspect of meaning that derives from the way the work was created. Disassembling things and symbolically recreating them is part of the power of collage. Working intuitively, my emotions are my compass. My work mainly focuses on my mental health journey and a variety of movements I am passionate about. This piece is about admiring the beauty of nature from afar. Humans have been negatively impacting our environment for decades. This piece ultimately shows that humans can assist our planet through sustainability, so it can thrive long-term. We rely on natural resources for survival and if we ignore sustainability, it can lead to an exhaustion of our earth’s ecosystems. All humans should be making sustainable choices to preserve our planet for future generations to come."

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Lizzie Duke Moe

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Environment > Money

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