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3D Earth

An interactive piece at the exhibition

This piece is about both grief and hope, I don't know exactly. 

I just painted the best representation of my feelings.

Also attached is a short poem that I wrote while at the Our Blue Planet exhibit in the Seattle Art Museum about the feeling of hopelessness about climate change, although it is very dark, and I understand if you don't wish to include it.

I don't think I'll live all that much longer

Would you not rather your child die when some parts of the world were still beautiful?

Let the plastics be my obituary

The garbage all the memoriam that I deserve

Let me rot and be overtaken by fish

So they may feast on the flesh of their own personal executioners

My life and death will change nothing

I was a coward from beginning to end.

This piece represents my topic in showing how human beings rely on the earth to survive, the figure in the center is an illustration of me curled in the fetal position, surrounded by a sphere of water.

floating around the water are holographic continents, covering me like a blanket.

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