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AC Boise Project

The Environmental Impact of Industry

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3D Earth

An interactive piece at the exhibition

"This is a 21” x 29” vine and willow charcoal drawing on top of a digital collage of photographs.  The photographs are personal cell phone images positioned to create the semblance of a pristine landscape.  Sky, beach and cityscape photographs are primarily at the top with flowers, zoo animals, insects and waterways at the middle and bottom.  Over the top of these photographs, drawn in silhouette, using vine and willow charcoal, are pollution belching factories, drainage pipes spewing waste into waterways, as well as trash and oil drums poisoning the withering landscape.  The fouled waterways contain dead and dying fish.  In strategic locations, the photographs are brought to the front of the charcoal drawing to symbolize the fragile intertwining of industrial pollution and the environment.  Of particular interest is the father holding his child while standing in front of the charcoal drawn factory looking beyond the horizon, perhaps contemplating the future for his son and the environment; and the people in spite of the pollution, playing and walking on beaches in front of and behind the rendered factories and industries.  The use of vine and willow charcoal, which are made from burnt grapevines and carbonized willow branches, was chosen because of its burnt, messy quality which successfully lends itself to the dirty burned impurities of the industries in the drawing.  An environmental statement is being made through this drawing, with an attempt to raise awareness of the effect of unfettered industrial emissions on the landscape."

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