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An Industrial World

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3D Earth

An interactive piece at the exhibition

This story takes place in the present as humankind rises in industry and technology and life around them seem obsolete. The forests of the world begin to fade replaced with towering cities and suburban neighborhoods. Horses replaced by other forms of transportation such as planes, cars, and trains. The earth’s natural palette slowly fades as it becomes monotones of grays and blacks.  Creatures that lived long before our time fade with little hope of coming back, and the world itself will soon follow.

“An Industrial world” is a piece that is to represent the loss of our natural beauty as the world industrializes. The piece shows how our world is slowly dying and it may be to late to do anything now. It is a found object sculpture made from many metals including, nails, nuts, aluminum foil, cans, and washers. The legs of the creature are wood poles screwed together and wrapped in aluminum foil. The head was sculpted out of foam and wrapped in aluminum foil and stapled down the middle. The ears were made of metal soda tabs and antlers of random metal hooks from the thrift store and all mostly recyclable things around the house. The eyes were made up of hot glue and washers. The wings are made from fake flowers and plants along with fake moss crawling up them. All the metal was covered in a diluted brown paint to give a more rustic and dirtier feel.

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An Equalizer

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Environment > Money

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