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Protect Earth

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3D Earth

An interactive piece at the exhibition

"My mom, who has a tattoo of Earth on her ankle, inspired this piece. She would always tell me growing up how much she loved Earth and all its beauty. Growing up in a world that abuses that beauty the Earth gives, I realized that as we advance, the more the Earth crumbles away from us.

I want people to be more aware of the damage we do to Earth. I’m hoping that people will think back about the litter they accidentally forgot to pick up, the gas their car uses, or global warming and change the way they might do things based on those thoughts. I hope this reaches anyone who loves the Earth or anyone who is passionate about global warming, protecting the trees, stopping the mines, protecting the rivers, and anything else we need to protect on Earth."

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Lizzie Duke Moe

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Natalie Mason

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Rebecca Shuldenfrei