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The artwork, “Human-atee” was created with multiple types of mediums mixed together. The materials that were used in this environmental project are India Ink, Acrylic paint, white gel pen, and water. And to make the hands pop out I used tape and taped the spaces I didn’t want to be painted and made sure some parts of the hands were exposed out of the box.

Manatees are exclusively herbivorous mammals that only eat seagrass and alga, they control the growth of water vegetation and prevent overgrowth that could be dangerous if in our waterways. Due to pollution and toxic waste, those chemicals that are dumped in the manatee’s environment creates a poisonous alga which would stick to the seagrass they eat which can make them sick and could even kill them. My art piece represents how we need to remember to see the good in everything, that there’s always a good and bad to everything but to always choose to see the positive and convey humanity in the world. So, when we choose to have a negative impact of what we see, it would have a huge effect on every living thing. Either its pollution or violence caused by that one person to either choose the good or the bad, over time leaving the humanity in human race to decrease dramatically for violating our own kind and our environment around us to the point where we all are to blind to see the harm and destruction of what use to be a beautiful and growing of life is now known being a hazardous waste land and death caused by the trust in the wrong hands.

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