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It's Not Your Fault

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3D Earth

An interactive piece at the exhibition

This artwork is about the way corporate greed has led to an age of industrialized apocalypses, and the rage of Mother Nature. The ocean is the main environment of this piece for a multitude of reasons; The ocean is the ultimate creator of life, from most biblical and scientific standpoints, as well as the sustainer of all current life on earth. And because it's so crucially tied to all life, its health is the basis for the health of everything else.

The light yellow finger painting represents the loss of innocent life because of natural disasters and environmental changes due to human intervention. Changes in the water cycle due to global warming leading to droughts and floods. Pollution of water sources vital to all life. The use and consequences of chemicals like Agent Orange. 

There are darker handprints throughout the canvas hidden behind layers of paint to show the ones less innocence to say the least. Politicians trying to hide behind useless but wordy policies for “green living”. Corporations ignore the glaringly obvious consequences of their production techniques and the way they dangerously cut costs. Those who defend these people in power and further their monopolization of our futures.

The use of foil gum wrappers was used as a visual and metaphorical tool. Personally I have a problem not having something in my mouth, I grind and clench my teeth and it's an overall pain. They’re meant to show my personal dependency on these monopolies I hate so much, and unfortunately big brands have dominated my life as well. No matter how hard anybody tries to fight the flow of corporate consumption, your own actions won't make a dent in the numbers.

The white little creatures with the eye. I’m not sure what they are but they're a characterization of the judgment I think nature will show us. She will not be forgiving or polite. She has given us so much warning and so many chances. Even now we have time. But when the inevitable and irreversible happens, she will look at us with indifference and her power will come from our own failures. We will have handed her the very tools of our destruction and she won't hesitate to use them.

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