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Polar Predicament

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3D Earth

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"As human beings, we have become increasingly negligent of our environment, disconnecting from the vast forms of life around us and seeing our planet simply as a place full of resources to extract. Climate change is responsible for the extinction of animal species, with almost one-third of Earth’s wildlife in danger of disappearance due to the destruction of their habitats. Longer fire seasons have left the planet more vulnerable to mass forest fires than ever before, and the melting of polar ice caps causes flooding and consequent rising sea levels, making the animals inhabiting such areas susceptible to extinction. 

My painting reflects the environmental concerns facing our society today, addressing the issue of climate change through bright colors, abstract shapes, and 3-D materials. Vibrant warm tones contrast with calmer cool tones in a symbiotic display expressing the disparity between human society and the nature surrounding us. Obscure forms, both sharp and smooth in their disposition, demonstrate the disconnection of people from the effects their consumerism has on the environment. Three-Dimensional beads stand out against the painting in a presentation conveying the reality of the climate situation we face and the steps we can take to prevent further damage. Through my artwork, I hope to highlight the importance of taking action against this significant threat to our planet, regardless of the consumer-based society we participate in."

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