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AC Boise Project

Pumping Polluted

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3D Earth

An interactive piece at the exhibition

"Created with micron pen on Bristol vellum paper, this piece was made for the Art for Climate Change Boise project. The inspiration came from research on the leading factors of climate change, a major one being greenhouse gases. These gases include carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxides. When these gases are released, they thicken the atmosphere and keep heat from the sun from escaping, and therefore the overall temperature increases, changing the climate.

Further exploration pointed to industry and large companies as a major contributor to these gases. 

As humans, we are pumping polluted ideas that lead to industries and economies that value money and convenience over the environment. These resulting industries produce a huge percentage of greenhouse gasses that ultimately degrade the very world on which we live. This piece is an attempt to share this concept."

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Lizzie Duke Moe

An Equalizer

Natalie Mason

Environment > Money

Rebecca Shuldenfrei